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But in hindsight, the National Agreement seems to be a short-lived and partial success for teachers. Efforts to reorganize staff have been somewhat successful, but they have failed to significantly reduce the number of hours teachers work. Flexible tasks and personnel models: the use of alternative personnel practices can create new opportunities for beginners and master`s teachers. In the field of pre-learning, new categories of professions are created for entry-taking teachers who work under the direct supervision of a teacher. This structure also expands the scope of the master teacher`s classroom to include several classrooms and more students. Other alternative staffing practices include those that make greater use of alternating registration systems, e-learning opportunities and e-learning opportunities. These alternatives create new and less costly personnel structures; For example, community college employees can teach about alternating enrollment or online learning programs, often at a low point price to districts. Hutchings, M. , Seeds, K., Coleman, N., Harding, C.

, Mansaray, A., Maylor, U. – Minty, S., – Pickering, E. (2009) Aspects of school staff reorganization: strategies used and impact on workload and standard: report [report on demand from the DCSF] , London: DCSF Highly effective teachers, especially those who work hard in the hard work of the hard work of the staff , are a scarce resource. Districts and states should call on teachers and manage all teachers to maximize the value of this scarce resource. It is important to bring the most talented educators to the students who need the most support and to minimize staff turnover in the most needed schools and classrooms. Teacher effectiveness, teacher assignment and teacher engagement are determinants of human capital that have a direct impact on students, schools and district budgets. In this context, teacher tasks should be done on a voluntary basis – on the basis of the agreement of the teacher and the school principal – and on the basis of the teacher`s results and the likelihood of getting more to the school where he or she aspires to a task. Advise headteachers and staff who assist teachers in the early stages of their careers to reduce their workload. Reducing violence: redundancies should be a last resort, but if necessary, districts should work with teachers and their unions to prioritize student learning – especially the learning of high-needs students – and avoid simplistic approaches such as firing older or younger teachers.