Verb Agreement With Compound Subjects Worksheets


Hi The sentence has two themes, there are (and) between them. The best and again with why its answer – with !!!! Hello Adam, I like to watch your classes. I watch them several times. In the quiz, I have a confusion about Q3. (The teacher_______ do a laboratory experiment). Why is the second option the right one? He`s called, with his students, is.” I thought it was the student`s verb that is pleural. Hello Adams, I need help in English. That`s my weekday topic. I fought with my English through school and life. Please help me. I need this course to help me pass my PRACTICE II test. Thank you, Della What if I want to build a sentence with two or more topics that are both participants present? For example: “Looking at the (sth) problem of this or that perspective, and also focusing on the multidimensional character (whatever it is) seems to be of the utmost importance here.” (I know it`s not most…

A striking example, perhaps, but I hope you know where I`m going anyway.) Personally, I would use “seems,” because the second topic (or clause, perhaps) is a bit regressive – it just adds additional information. In addition, it is separated by commas. Would that sentence be correct? What subject should I use if there are no commas in the sentence? I didn`t know I would make so many mistakes on this subject… Until you came to light us up with your lights! Thank you, Adam. As always, your help is greatly appreciated! In this case, you have two different themes (and plural) without commas. 1. Shifa, you and I are going to the party. 2. You and I are brilliant students of the class. 3.

My manager and all participants have scheduled a meeting on the eve of the new year. 4. Honey with caramel is a great joy after lunch. 5. Neither they nor I will leave. 6. Either Honey or Wasi goes to the party. 7. Neither Sheera nor her sisters want to be part of this society. 8.

Either Hira or his maid must go to court. 9. The gardener and his son left this month. 10. The plumber and electrician came out this weekend. These verb-theme chord exercises with answers cover simple themes as well as compound themes that use “and” or “or” to connect individual themes.