The Room The Street And Human Agreement Pdf


Spaces relate to each other to reinforce their own unique nature. The auditorium wants to be a violin. Its hall is the violin case. The structure of a room should be visible in the room itself. Structure, I believe, is the giver of light. A square room requires its own light to read the square. It would wait for the light either from above or from its four sides as a window or entrance. A city is measured by the nature of its institutions. The street is one of the first institutions. Today, these institutions are being judged. I believe it is because they have lost the inspiration of their beginnings. Learning institutions must come from the undeniable sense of desire to learn in all of us.

I have often thought that this feeling was of the way we were made, that nature, in everything it does, records how it was made. The society of spaces is the place where it is good to learn, to live well, to work well. In space with its dimensions, its structure, its light, you respond to its character, to its spiritual aura, and you realize that what man proposes and does becomes a life. The meeting house is a common room under the same roof. It seems that one is of course out of the other. In a 1971 speech entitled “The Room, the Street, and Human Agreement,” Kahn developed this concept: “Space is the beginning of architecture. It is the place of the spirit. In space, with its dimensions, its structure, its light, you react to its character, to its spiritual aura, and you realize that everything that man proposes and does becomes a life. I have some ideas about the spirit of architecture. I decided to talk about space, the road and human harmony. The text The Room, the Street and Human Agreement comes very poetically close to certain concerns that are also part of our exhibition, such as the relationship between the outside and the inside, the public and the private, the space and the street. Please copy this integration script and insert it where you want to insert yourself Please fill out this form, we will try to respond as quickly as possible…