Service Level Agreement Aeo


As such, it has been integrated from the outset at international level into the SECURITY FRAMEWORK and EU legislation. Note that the same process applies to first-level delegation staff by selecting “Collaborator” instead of “Customs Representatives” from the drop-down menu. On 26 October 2018, the General Administration of Customs (GAC) and Japan Customs officially signed the Agreement on Mutual Recognition of china`s Customs Enterprise Credit Management System and Japan`s Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme (`Mutual Recognition Agreement`). Japan is thus the thirty-sixth country to sign an AEO mutual recognition agreement with China. When a staff member is in a security-sensitive position or in a high-risk area, he or she must have received a security check. The same level of substantive verification applies to the temporary agency workers you employ. To date, China has signed AEO mutual recognition agreements with 36 countries/regions, including 28 EU Member States, Singapore, Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Israel and Japan. China is also actively engaging with the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia and South Africa for the mutual recognition of the AEO. You remain eligible if you use the services of an agent for your customs affairs.

Therefore, businesses should take advantage of the opportunity of mutual recognition of the AEO to benefit from trade facilitation and fully improve their level of customs management in the current regulatory environment. At EU level, work has been carried out in a number of areas (e.g.B. Aviation safety, shipping, export controls, etc.) in order to identify synergies and avoid administrative duplication. According to China`s current customs legislation, an AEO enterprise must be an Advanced Certified Enterprise (ACE) which is generally required to declare its imports and exports of goods as follows in order to take facilitating measures: Mutual recognition of AEOs is a key element of the WCO SAFE framework of standards to enhance end-to-end security of supply chains and multiply benefits for Distributors. If you are a group of companies, you must submit separate applications for each legal entity. From that date, AEO applications shall be submitted electronically and economic operators must submit all new applications electronically. Access to the EU Traders` Portal for eAEO is protected by the User Management and Digital Signature System (UUM&DS). When an AEOS holder requests the status of Regulated Agent (RF) or Known Consignor (KC), the respective security requirements are considered to be met, provided that the criteria for granting AEO status are identical or correspond to those of RA or KC status.

The same principle applies conversely. In the case of an account sender (ACCOUNT Consignor, AC), AEOS holders are not required to sign the `account sender` declaration of commitment and are recognised as CA by the regulated agent, provided that all other requirements of Union aviation security legislation are met. The EU has concluded and implemented mutual recognition of AEO programmes with Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Andorra, the United States and China. Further negotiations are under way with other major trading partners or are under way in the near future. In addition, the EU provides technical assistance to a number of countries to prepare them for the establishment of AEO programmes. . . .