Rental Agreement Umowa Najmu


6 4. Other arrangements (media and keys) 4. Miscellaneous: (Key) Detailed description of the state on the day of the transfer of the premises to the tenant state on the day of the return of the premises to the owner Full number of keys when LANDLORD begins to rent the apartment: Full number of keys when OCCUPIER completes the rental of the apartment: State of the electricity meter Fixed 1 State of the PC Meter Heating The state of the electric water meter Number of keys 1 water/cold This protocol is established in two identical copies. The landlord then transferred the apartment to the tenant`s use. This report is written in four identical copies (one for the owner and one for each occupant). The owner provides the living quarters to the residents. LOUEUR OCCUPIER Fill the day of the return of the premises to the owner. The parties return the apartment to the owner after the reflection of the apartment. All provisions relating to financial compensation or the exit of premises in a degraded state, as stated in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the protocol, are governed amicably. The day of leave will be filled on the day of leave. After the inspection of the derinspection of the living rooms, the occupant delivers the premises to the owner. Any claims related to the destruction of residential buildings, as indicated in points 1.2 and 3 of the report, must be settled after an out-of-court proceeding.

Tenant LANDLORD OCCUPIER 6 Sopot, ul. from one point to the other Jezefa Bema Apartment for rent for 3,999 PLN pow. 55 sqm 2 stockzimmer 0 out of 3 72.71 PLN/m2 Property Description: APPARTEMENT BY RENT FOR 3-4 PERSONS! Rental fees by a person in the order of 3 7. Deposits of Parts 7. Responsibility for parts 1. The tenant assumes responsibility for the state of the layout of the space. The destruction of the premises equipment entails the obligation for the tenant to pay the lessor a penalty equal to the amount indicated in Schedule 1 of this agreement. 2.

The responsibility of all tenants residing in the premises for all obligations arising from this tenancy agreement and the use of common parts of the apartment is jointly responsible.