Poshmark User Agreement


At Poshmark, we respect the privacy of our users. For more information, please see our privacy statement. By using the service, you agree to collect and use personal data as described. Market Place Risk: Poshmark is not bound or supported by a designer, manufacturer, distributor or brand of items made available by the service: Poshmark is a marketplace and technology platform and does not participate in transactions between buyers and sellers, does not acquire ownership of purchased items and does not act as a buyer, seller or broker in terms of transactions. There are risks that you deal with other users (including those who act under false pretenses) and all these risks are borne by you, not Poshmark. We advise you to use the various features of the service (z.B. our article comment system and our direct messaging platform) to evaluate the user you are dealing with. The above information should be emailed to the poshmarks copyright agent for notification of copyright or other intellectual property infringements at: support@poshmark.com (subject: “DMCA Takedown Request”). You can also contact us by mail at: Third-party material: Poshmark is in no way responsible in any way for articles or content posted by third parties or on the instruction of users, including, but without restriction, for errors or omissions in any content or for any loss or damage resulting from the use of objects or content posted, sold, purchased or transferred through the Service.

You acknowledge that Poshmark does not verify any articles or content in advance, but that Poshmark and its agents have the right (but no obligation) to refuse or remove, as they wish, the items or content available through the Service. Without limitation of the above, Poshmark and its agents have the right to remove objects or content that violate these conditions or that are, at their sole discretion, offensive by Poshmark. You agree to evaluate the use of objects or content and to bear all associated risks, including confidence in the security, condition, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of these elements or content. User content posted on the website: You are solely responsible for the content you post or transmit on or via the service (together “User Content”). You will not publish content that you have not created or that you do not have all the rights, titles and interests on and on and on, including, but not only, all the copyright and advertising that it contains.