Investment Agreement Template Malaysia


Except under item 3.2 (relationship with other agreements), this agreement contains the whole agreement between you and us and replaces and replaces all previous agreements and agreements between you and us with respect to the issues set out in it. You and we recognize that none of us rely on insurance, warranty, pre-contract declaration or other provisions when this agreement is concluded, and that there is no recourse to them unless it is expressly provided for in that agreement. The investment decision regarding any investment through the platform is up to you and you alone. Apart from what is included in the offer, we have not verified or approved any information about the issuer, including information contained in the Q-A area accompanying an issuer`s offer or on offer-related websites (such as, without restriction, the issuer`s website or the social media profiles of the contractors or issuer itself) and you should not rely on such information to make its investment decision. If we prove that your death is satisfactory to us, we will resist your membership in accordance with paragraph 11.2 (rescission by us). If you still invest at that time via the platform, we will treat it as stipulated in the corresponding constitution of each r number. After the close of the office, all investment funds in the esciating account are released to the issuer after receiving written confirmation from the ECF operator, in accordance with the terms of the deposit agreement. Depending on your individual tax position, you can pay taxes on the dividends or profits you receive from your investments. The payment of these taxes is their sole responsibility and, with the exception of the requirements of Malaysian law, we will not deduct or withhold taxes for you or provide you with statements or information relating to your tax debt. After reviewing an offer, you can invest in the issuer by clicking on the corresponding button and you will be asked to indicate how much you want to invest. The parties remain confidential at all times (and, if necessary, procure only their respective staff: Staff, representatives and consultants are confidential) the date and nature of this agreement, all confidential information related to this Agreement and/or any other document related to this contract (“Confidential Information”) and may not disclose this information to third parties without the prior written consent of the other parties, unless you pass our KYC compliance and control check, you must pay your investment immediately via an online payment solution that is available on the platform.