Inside Wireman Agreement Local 11


Hey guys, I`m trying to get up-to-date information on what the boys earn (apprentices and journeymen) at room 11. Hourly wage is one thing, but is the work stable? What do people do for a year? I have to make a choice very quickly and look for reliable information to help me do it. I will soon have a family to support, so a realistic sense of what I can earn would be very helpful in planning. I am currently an intern in the carpenters` union, but I am considering switching to electricity. The commercial carpentry is a bit unstable and the payment is a bit low for the bills I have. I have my test and interview very soon. Every info would be appreciated! Private messages are also welcome. Send the registration form by mail or hand to the following address: REFINERY SAFETY ORIENTATION (RSO) – This 3-day training is offered by OSCA and will be required from July 2018 to work on refining sites. The training revolves around the following three areas: State Certification Update Please visit our News and Events page for more details. Pre-registration is required for all courses. Teaching depends on the availability of rooms and the enrolment of students. If there are enough registrations in a class, you will receive a confirmation letter a week or more before the start of the course.

If registration is not sufficient to start a course, we keep the registration deadline open. Fees Deposits reflect the cost of the books needed for the class. This became necessary because students collect books and stop classes in the first 2 or 3 weeks. All courses require an 80% attendance and deposits are only refunded after graduation. Campus Metro Facility 6023 S. Garfield Avenue City of Commerce, CA practice tests are available for VDV certification from the State of California. As described in the letter from IBEW Local 11 Business Manager Marvin Kropke, we will soon start working at the LA Convention Center. The EIT has our first Convention Center orientation course on Saturday Aug 3 Be prepared to take calls for employment at the LA Convention Center Contact the ETI office as soon as possible to register, space is limited for first year apprentices on the 11th. I make $18.72/hour, but with Swing Shift, I make about $21.96/hour.

I get my 40 hours from the store I`m in, but after all the deductions for taxes and union fees, I bring home $587.50. ENERGY STORAGE AND MICROGRID TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION (ESAMTAC) Upcoming Class Valley Facility 400 Chatsworth Drive San Fernando, CA Saturday course – start at 7:00 am or 8:00 am depending on evening classes – start at 5:00 pm sharp Check the schedule to view the required fee(s) for the class(es) you wish to enroll. . . .