Backstage Video for Matras

roland Backstage

Shooting an advertisement for Matras in green screen studio. Matras is a Turkish leather company, the advertisement is like a rock music video.


Shooting Türksat advertisement

roland Backstage

Filmed and edited the backstage of one of the leading satellite communications and cable TV operations company of Turkey. It was shot in beautiful Belgrade forest in İstanbul.              



roland Backstage

Filmed and edited the backstage of a famous carpet company.    


Backstage video for DEV

roland Backstage

Hi there! Been awhile since the last posts but İ am back now! Had the pleasure of shooting a backstage video for a local band here in İstanbul called DEV. The song name is ‘Dans et!’ (Dance!) anyway here you guys go! hope you enjoy! İ sure did. And here is the original song and video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf3Sk8iv-Sg


Backstage Filming for Neverland Film

roland Backstage

Past few weeks I have been going to Neverland Film sets, it has been a great experience and I have learned a lot. After few times going there their director Doagn suggested me to shoot a back stage video for them. It was a very great experience, I also edited the piece together myself which is great because hadn’t edited …