Bulk Sms Service Agreement


If, at any time, you violate the terms and conditions of service, we may choose to suspend, terminate and/or terminate that contract and/or refund any damage resulting from the event that led to the suspension, termination or cancellation. We reserve the right to suspend your service at every stage of what we feel is necessary to continue to provide our services in a way that may be hampered by your client status, financial status or the content of the messages you view. In the event of termination, cancellation and/or suspension, you remain responsible for all obligations that follow. Payment obligations and other obligations under this Agreement will not be suspended, suspended or otherwise affected by a suspension of access to service or use (in whole or in part) if the suspension is the result of your non-compliance or a violation of the terms of this Agreement or a legal obligation. In the event of termination and/or cancellation, you agree, for any reason, to immediately cease the use of the Service and we will not be obliged to you after the termination or termination of this contract. You are also free to terminate or terminate this contract at any time and for any reason. However, for such termination or cancellation to take effect, you must notify us in writing by email, you will remain responsible for the length of time you used the service and you will no longer have access to the use of credits that may appear on your account 16. IF a provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable under existing legislation, that provision is deemed amended to the extent necessary for such a provision to be valid and enforceable, and the other provisions of this Agreement remain fully in force and effective. This document, as well as the pages to which it is referred, represent the entire agreement on the use of the SMS service and include all written or oral prior or simultaneous statements from Bulk SMS Galaxy or its representatives or resellers. Bulk SMS Galaxy`s failure to exercise or apply a right or provision of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or provision. The section titles of the agreement are simple and have no legal or contractual effect. 1.1 The customer enters into a legal agreement with SMSJuice for one of the following options: 2.2 SMSJuice provides an SMS messaging service that serves as a content transfer via streaming providers and relevant gateways to ensure that the message is sent to its destination.