Birmingham City Council Framework Agreement


If you have any questions or e-mail advice For more information on getting, please go to The Council uses these framework contracts to buy; Adult and child services home care (with or without care) for all adults over the age of 65 with needs for controlled care and care; and, in some cases, care and support in a supportive residential environment. Council has prepared a presentation to assist all potential bidders who wish to cooperate with Birmingham City Council. It includes: Contact in case of questions. If you are interested in a quote, click on the link below to access Birmingham City Council`s tender portal: and submit their data to register as a bidder. We will send you a login and password so you can download the tender document and support information; Their completed ITT was to be returned through the supplier portal by Friday 16.08.2019 at 12:00 p.m. The current framework agreement is not currently used to provide housing services (with or without care) to adults aged 18 to 64. However, we are now discussing a strategy that should allow social assistance services for adults aged 18 to 64 to move from current purchase arrangements, if necessary, to a new framework agreement from 1 April 2018, which will verify the quality of all service providers. It is also not used consistently to order subsidized housing services for all age groups, which in turn will be proposed to be included in the new scheme from April 2018. Since the summer of 2016, the Commission has reviewed current practice with respect to the services described above. These included early cooperation with the independent supplier market, as well as a number of internal and external partners to verify both the initial case for the introduction of a framework approach and good practices. Services include municipal, highway and transportation technology services, as well as development and planning advice, but do not include physical work. This framework is open to other public bodies if they wish. Note that the Commission levies a 0.5% tax against the expenses of external agencies that have access to the executives.

This fee is calculated on the basis of value and is payable retroactively by the authorities who use the framework conditions at regular intervals. These revenues will be used to fund executive management costs within the Board. Suppliers applying for one or more of the Lot 1 disciplines may also apply for Lot 3 if necessary, but not for Lot 2. Suppliers applying for Lot 2 can also apply for Lot 3 if necessary, but only up to a maximum of one of the disciplines in Lot 1. Suppliers applying for Lot 3 can also apply for Lot 2 if necessary, but only up to a maximum of one of the disciplines in Lot 1. There is no level of activity guaranteed by the framework contract. It should be noted that Birmingham City Council or the Public Sector Body, which assign clients, may choose not to use all categories or disciplines of services, especially when skills are available internally as the first point of contact. In addition, if there is an exclusive scheme within Birmingham City Council or the public body that assigns orders to customers, those suppliers are targeted in the first place. If this option is exhausted and they are unable to provide an appropriate resource/service within the required time scales, framework providers will be contacted.

The NEC4 Professional Services contract is used for lots in this context, and performance management measures for each work package are included in the framework.