Author Agreement To Publish A Contribution As Open-Access On


If the editors of Proceedings (or any other organization with the right to republish it) decide to republish their volume elsewhere, they must ensure that the newly published version clearly differs from the version. In particular, none of the following characteristic attributes of can be used: the deadlines are very tight. Therefore, you must check the accuracy of the files before sending them to us! Include the authors in the correct exam by confirming that the correct version of your document is included. You can no longer modify them after the deposit! Contributions must be original, i.e. not published at a previous workshop, conference or magazine! The majority (50% or more) of the work in a single volume must be written in English. English is the de facto standard if you want to address an international audience. As a general rule, submitted works must be written in the Latin alphabet. If you want to publish a session volume in a non-Latin alphabet, you should first contact us to see if we can find an acceptable presentation. See also our guidelines on non-Latin titles. If the authors have not included in their paper text (or accompanying sources, datasets) documents protected by the copyright of third parties, the following form must be used: AUTHOR AGREEMENT (NTP).

Nevertheless, some Editors of Proceedings wish to obtain a CEUR WS group number for their workshop/conference prior to publication to CEUR-WS, for example to insert the URL of the Proceedings tape into the Proceeding front mat. Simply send an e-mail to the manager of this site (see the end of this page) and indicate, within 4 weeks of the request, a period of time until the procedure tape is put online. It is not necessary to request a band number in advance. We also do not recommend requesting a band number in advance. If you have received a pre-posted band number, we expect the submission to arrive before the promised deadline and that you will follow the submission instructions very closely. Note that assigning a tape number is not a guarantee that your band will be published on Their submission must nevertheless meet the conditions. I heard about a case where the work published by CEUR-WS under the CC-BY 4.0 license was again published by a relatively unknown and new journal, without the author`s consent.

What can we do as academics in such cases? Yes, follow the instructions under In rare cases, it may happen that previously published works later turn out to be plagiarized. We have a procedure to manage this and we ask you to respect the corresponding rules if you are aware of such a case. If authors have included copyrighted third-party materials in their accompanying document or material, the following form should be used: COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT (TP). Authors must also attach a copy of the third party`s permission to use this material in the signed author agreement! STEP 3: If your work is well reviewed, it will be included in the meeting volume. Once accepted, you will be asked to sign an author agreement. All articles are published with the following copyright notice: The PDFs of each document to be published must contain on the first page a footnote that the paper is published under the CC BY 4.0 license. The text must be such that the authors of certain documents retain the copyright in their papers.. . . .