Ancillary Agreement Deutsch


(7) For the contractual relations of the parties, German law is gilded. To be valid, all agreements, ancillary restrictions or amendments must be entered into in writing. Changes, supplements or ancillary restrictions are not applicable without written confirmation from MFS. 7. Agreements incident to this contract or these general terms of sale must be implemented in writing to be effective. All ancillary restrictions before and when the contract is concluded must be confirmed in writing by us in order to be effective. Elegiac or elegiac agreements that alter the agreed-upon benefit in writing must be expressly confirmed by the claimant. The interpretation of the terms and conditions and all other conditions is governed by the German text and German law. Individual agreements with the buyer on a case-by-case basis (including possible restrictions, supplements and modifications) prevail over these GVCs. Assistance agreements are only effective if they are confirmed in writing by both parties. The agreements and ancillary amendments must be confirmed in writing by K-J. iii.

Price and payment 1. 4.3 Any amendments and amendments to an agreement and subsidiary agreement are made in writing. 4.2 If sensors, cameras, mannequins or other test equipment are installed in places particularly vulnerable to the customer`s express request (provided that ISRINGHAUSEN has previously advised the customer), we reserve the right to charge the customer any costs incurred, such as repair, replacement or calibration costs. The Text and German law are decisive in the interpretation of the terms and conditions and all other conditions. K-J reserves copyright and property rights over attacks, drawings and other documents, and will only be accessible to third parties with the consent of K-J. ii. Delivery volume For the volume of delivery, the written order confirmation of K-J is conditional. The prices shown are the final prices (including the law). VAT) according to current price lists. 4.4 In the event of the cancellation of a provision of these Terms of Sale or other general terms of sale, this nullity does not affect the validity of the other provisions of the contract. Individual agreements with purchasers (including ancillary agreements, supplements and amendments) prevail in any event on this AVB.

It makes the law of the Federal Republic of Germany gild as agreed, even for deliveries abroad. These can only be made available to third parties with the express permission of K-J. ii. For the content of the delivery, the written order confirmation of K-J. 2 Benefits 1.The indications on the site do not make an offer to purchase i.S.v. . All the general conditions imposed by the buyer are deemed to be contrary and excluded. Ancillary agreements and amendments are subject to written confirmation of the K-J. iii prices. and Payment 1. The information on the site does not provide an offer to purchase in accordance with . 145 BGB.

BGB?) Is only a non-binding invitation addressed to potential buyers to submit an appropriate offer.